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Mammary Cell News 5.43 October 31, 2013
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Aurora-A Is a Determinant of Tamoxifen Sensitivity Through Phosphorylation of ERα in Breast Cancer
Investigators showed that Aurora-A determines tamoxifen sensitivity by regulation of estrogen receptor (ER)α. Ectopic expression of Aurora-A decreased and depletion of Aurora-A enhanced tamoxifen sensitivity in ERα-positive breast cancer. [Oncogene] Abstract
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Therapeutic Targeting of erbB3 with MM-121/SAR256212 Enhances Antitumor Activity of Paclitaxel Against erbB2-Overexpressing Breast Cancer
Researchers studied the antitumor activity of an anti-erbB3 antibody MM-121/SAR256212 in combination with paclitaxel against erbB2-overexpressing breast cancer. [Breast Cancer Res] Abstract | Full Article

T47D Breast Cancer Cells Switch from ER/HER to HER/c-Src Signaling Upon Acquiring Resistance to the Antiestrogen Fulvestrant
Researchers established T47D cell lines resistant to the antiestrogen fulvestrant and analyzed them to explore whether a switch to HER signaling, as seen in fulvestrant resistant MCF-7 cell lines, is a general resistance mechanism. [Cancer Lett] Abstract

Down-Regulation of miR-106b Induced Breast Cancer Cell Invasion and Motility in Association with Overexpression of MMP2
Researchers found matrix metalloproteinase 2 (MMP2) expression in orthotopic tumor tissue to be related to the risk of bone metastasis in breast cancer patients. [Cancer Sci] Abstract

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Potentiates the Effects of Aromatase Inhibitors via Glutathione Depletion in Estrogen Receptor-Positive Human Breast Cancer (MCF-7) Cells
Scientists aimed to investigate whether extra virgin olive oil and oleic acid could enhance the effects of aromatase inhibitors (letrozole and anastrozole) in estrogen receptor-positive MCF-7 cells, as well as to investigate its influence on cytochrome c release and glutathione levels. [Food Chem Toxicol] Abstract

Naphtho[1,2-b]Furan-4,5-Dione Inhibits MDA-MB-231 Cell Migration and Invasion by Suppressing Src-Mediated Signaling Pathways
Investigators showed that naphtho[1,2-b]furan-4,5-dione blocked migration and invasion of MDA-MB-231 breast cancer cells without affecting apoptosis or growth arrest. [Mol Cell Biochem] Abstract

The Expression and Prognosis of Emi1 and Skp2 in Breast Carcinoma: Associated with PI3K/Akt Pathway and Cell Proliferation
Researchers aimed to examine the effect of early mitotic inhibitor-1 (Emi1) over-expression on S-phase kinase protein 2 (Skp2) expression and related signaling pathway in breast cancer. [Med Oncol] Abstract


Dual HER2 Inhibition in Combination with Anti-VEGF Treatment is Active in Heavily Pretreated HER2-Positive Breast Cancer
Researchers conducted a dose-escalation, phase I study of a combination of trastuzumab, lapatinib and bevacizumab. The subset of patients with metastatic breast cancer was analyzed for safety and response. [ Ann Oncol] Abstract

The Effect of Metformin on Apoptosis in a Breast Cancer Presurgical Trial
Apoptosis was analyzed in core biopsies and in surgical samples from 100 non-diabetic BC patients participating in a randomized trial of metformin versus placebo given for four weeks before surgery. [Br J Cancer] Abstract

Everolimus Plus Exemestane in Postmenopausal Patients with HR+ Breast Cancer: BOLERO-2 Final Progression-Free Survival Analysis
BOLERO-2 is a phase III, double-blind, randomized, international trial comparing everolimus (10 mg/day) plus exemestane (25 mg/day) versus placebo plus exemestane in postmenopausal women with HR+ advanced breast cancer with recurrence/progression during or after nonsteroidal aromatase inhibitors. The primary endpoint was Progression-Free Survival by local investigator review, and was confirmed by independent central radiology review. [Adv Ther] Abstract | Full Article

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Role of Adipokines and Cytokines in Obesity-Associated Breast Cancer: Therapeutic Targets
Authors discuss different adipokine- and cytokine-mediated molecular signaling pathways involved in obesity-associated breast cancer, available therapeutic strategies and potential therapeutic targets for obesity-associated breast cancer. [Cytokine Growth Factor Rev] Abstract

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UB Scientist’s Firm to Develop Promising Breast Cancer Treatment
Through her startup firm, University at Buffalo researcher Kate Rittenhouse-Olson is turning a mouse antibody she created into a promising cancer-fighting therapy for humans. [University at Buffalo] Press Release

OncoMed Pharmaceuticals Initiates First Phase Ib Clinical Trial of First-in-Class WNT-Pathway-Targeting Antibody Vantictumab (OMP-18R5) with Paclitaxel in Breast Cancer
The Phase 1b clinical trial is a dose escalation study of the anti-cancer stem cell antibody vantictumab in combination with paclitaxel in patients with first-, second- and third-line, locally advanced or metastatic HER2 negative breast cancer. [OncoMed Pharmaceuticals, Inc.] Press Release

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